Sixth Generation

2254. Eleanor Catherine Anderson was born on 7 September 1910 in Rockland, Power, Idaho, USA. She died on 26 April 1988 at the age of 77 in Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA.3 She was buried in American Falls, Power, Idaho, USA. S:PPU P122211

1. attended Mark and Mary Walton's 50th wedding anniversary 1981.

1. attended Mark and Mary Walton's 50th wedding anniversary 1987.

2. Rockland Valley 1879-1979
" I, Eleanor Anderson Benson, and the oldest of this family and wa s born in my Grandparents's log
house. My brother, Floyd Anderson, and sisters Genevieve and Gai l were born in the house my father
built in Rockland."

Eleanor Catherine Anderson and Frank L. Benson were married on 9 September 1935. Frank L. Benson was born on 23 August 1905 in Coalville, Summit, Utah, USA. He died on 3 August 1990 at the age of 84 in Boise, Ada, Idaho, USA.3 He was buried in American Falls, Power, Idaho, USA. S:PPU sp P122211

1. Legislator for state of Idaho
2. Attorney

1. Legislator for state of Idaho

2. Attorney

3. Obituary: August 7, 1991 Boise, Idaho
Frank Benson was born August 23, 1905, in Coalville, Utah ot Ebe n and Martha Benson. He attended school in Burley, Idaho and graduated f rom Burley High School in 1923. He is an alumnus of Idaho State Colleg e in Pocatello. He attend the University of Montana and graduated from t he Uof M law school in 1934. He married Eleanor Anderson on September 9 , 1935 in American Falls. They had 2 sons; Lyn and LeRoy and four grandc hildren; Michael, Kathryn, Holly and Richard.
He loved to sing. His favorites were hymns and songs that were popular wh en he was in college and occasionally he would add a new song to the list .
He put himself through law school by teaching school in Montana. He als o taught for several years in the public schools of Idaho and was involve d in the retired teachers' association.
Frank loved to talk with people and was a member of many organizations in cluding: The Idaho Bar, the Masonic Lodge, Sons and Daughters of Idaho Pi oneers and many others.
He said that the two subjects he loved to talk about the most were 'polit ics and religion'. He was actively engaged in politics throughout his li fe. He ran for public office several times. He became the Power Count y Attorney and later was elected Attorney General of Idaho in 1958. H e was an individualist and always strove for change. He felt that he cou ld make the world a better place by being involved in state and local gov ernment. He had a keen sense of justice and was always concerned about t he plight of the poor and those persons whose voices were seldom heard b y those in power.
He loved his children and grandchildren even though it was often difficul t for him to express it. He was very proud of their accomplishments.
He knew the Lord personally though his faith in Jesus Christ. He reall y enjoyed attending Sunday School, Bible fellowship and men's meetings w here the Bible was being discussed. He always had his own opinion on man y subjects.
He went to be with the Lord on August 3, 1991 and will be greatly misse d by his family and friends.

Eleanor Catherine Anderson and Frank L. Benson had the following children:






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