Third Generation

56. Ann Blanch "Annie" Mc Lean (Adopted) was born on 1 August 1847 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA. She died on 9 September 1872 at the age of 25. She held the title of (Adopted). >She was adopted per Jared Pratt Family Association records.
>>1858 - according to a letter dtd May 10, 1858, from his mother to Thoma s Kane she had no idea where Albert and Annie were, but thought they wer e with her parents in New Orleans, Lousianna. She was disaffected from h er parents at that time. They had rejected her because of her religiou s beliefs.
>1860 US Census, New Orleans Ward 11, Orleans, Louisiana, Census taken 2 9 June 1860
H. H. McLean, age 43, Male, occupation: Clerk, Value of personal estate : $500, born in Scotland
Anna McLean, age 12, Female, born in Louisiana, attended school during th e year.

Ann Blanch "Annie" Mc Lean (Adopted) and Davis were married about 1867 in of New Orleans, , Louisiana, USA. Davis was born about 1845. Married Davis per Jared Pratt Family Association records.

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