Fourth Generation

638. George Kapple Felton was born on 12 November 1874 in Fairfield, Huron Co, Ohio, USA.1 He died on 6 July 1931 at the age of 56 in Hawthorne, Los Angeles Co., California, USA. >George and Leona are listed in the census recorded in 1900, 1910, 1920 , and 1930.
>1920 US Census: He was a motor cycle dealer with a store.
>1930 US Census: He worked in hardware.

George Kapple Felton and Leona Cline were married on 30 September 1896 in Galion, Crawford, Ohio, USA. >Marriage record is in FHL Film # 410,263, Huron County, Ohio. The marri age was in Galion, Ohio. Today, Galion is in Crawford County, Ohio. I t must have been in Huron County in 1896, because that is were the marria ge was recorded. Leona Cline was born in 1874 in of Fairfield, Huron, Ohio, USA. She died about 1970 at the age of 96 in Prob San Francisco, California, USA. >1910 US Census for Los Angeles, California says she has had 2 children , both are living. Her parents were also both born in Ohio.
>1920 US Census for San Francisco, California lists the same 2 children . This census says her father was born in Ohio and her mother was born i n Maryland. That agrees with the 1880 US Census for Fairfield, Huron, Oh io which lists her as a 7 year old child with her parents.
>1880 US Census for Fairfield, Huron, Ohio lists her parents as Isaiah an d Maria Cline. It also lists 2 brothers, William and Leander, and 1 s isters, Leander and Leona are both listed as age 7 so they were probabl y twins (note the similarity of their names).
>Her parents were Isaiah and Mariah (Lawyer) Cline. She was living in Be rkeley, California in 1962.
>Source: The Felton family: Descendants of Nathaniel Felton who came t o Salem, Mass in 1633., page 191 (

George Kapple Felton and Leona Cline had the following children:



Donald Cline Felton.



Karel Girard Felton.
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