Fourth Generation

644. Hellen Jessamine Bowen was born on 9 September 1876 in , Seneca, Ohio, USA. She died on 13 May 1939 at the age of 62 in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, USA. She was buried on 15 May 1939 in Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, USA. >1876, 9 Sep., Seneca Co., Ohio-Birth info. is from the IGI. It says tha t the source was extraction records.
>1893, 6 Sep, Chicago (Willard), Huron Co., Ohio - Married.

>1876, 9 Sep., Seneca Co., Ohio-Birth info. is from the IGI. It says tha t the source was extraction records.
>1893, 6 Sep, Chicago (Willard), Huron Co., Ohio - Married.
?1939 Obituary "The Beloit Daily News, Saturday, May 13, 1939. "Mrs. L. H . Fritz, a resident of Beloit [Wisconsin] for the last 18 years died sudd enly at 3:45 a.m. today at her home, 1510 Carnegie avenue. She suffere d a stroke of parlysis. She was 62 years old. Mrs. Fritz was born Sept . 9, 1876 in Seneca county, Ohio. Survivors are her husband; a sister, Mr s. Lilla Burnap, and two brothers, Henry and Zetus Bowen, all of Beloit . Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Rosman-Uehling-K inzer chapel. the Rev. E.J. Evans will officiate. Burial will be in East lawn cemetery."
>1939, buried in Eastlawn Cemetery, Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin at age 61. N ame in cemetery records is "Mrs. Helen J. Fritz." Her headstone reads: H elen Bowen Fritz 1876 -1939."

Hellen Jessamine Bowen and Edward Anthony Crossly were married on 6 September 1893 in Chicago, Huron, Ohio. >The Marriage record says: Aurilla Bowen (mother of the Hellen J. Bowen , the bride) made application for the marriage license because Hellen wa s not of legal age (age 19 for girls). Edward was of age (21 for boys)Au rilla Bowen has custody of Helen. The marriage application is signed b y Aurilla Bowen. Edward was of Attica, Ohio, and Hellen was of North Fai rfield, Huron Co., OhioSource: Family History Library film # 410,262, Hu ron County, Ohio Marriage Records. The name of Chicago, Ohio was change d to Willard, Ohio. Edward Anthony Crossly was born about 1871 in of Huron Co., Ohio, USA. He died in 1936 at the age of 65.

Hellen Jessamine Bowen and Levi H. Fritz were married on 24 November 1909 in Chicago, , Ohio, USA. >1910 census - this is his 1st marriage and Hellen's 2nd marriage.
>1930 census - age when married, Levi 30; Hellen 34. That means they wou ld have been married in 1910 or 1909.
>Marriage info is from Orson Pratt's Family Record at the LDS Church Arch ives in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Chicago, Ohio is now Willard, Ohio). Levi H. Fritz was born in September 1879 in Venice Twp, Seneca, Ohio, USA. He died after 1930 at the age of 51. >1880 Cenuss, Venice Twp, Seneca, Ohio. He is listed as a 9 month old chi ld when the census was taken 17 June 1880. That would have meant that h e was born about Sept. 1879. His parents were Jospeh and ElizabethFritz.
>1910 census - Venice twp - Seneca County, Ohio - Aurilla Bowen (Hellen' s mother) is living with them. Aurilla is age 65 and a widow. She ha d 4 children, all living.
L.H. Fritz is age 29 a house painter, this i s his 1st marriage.
Hellen, wife, age 33, 2nd marriage to Lev i Fritz., no children.
>1920 census - Havana, Greenfield Twp, Huron County, Ohio, Levi, age 39 , Helen J. age 43. Levi is a carpenter.
>1930 census - Beloit City, Rock County, Wisconsin - Levi H. age 49, marr ied atat 30, born in Ohio. Hellen was age 53, married at age 34, born i n Ohio.

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