Seventh Generation

7474. Stanley Eugene Gallacher was born on 18 October 1952 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA. He died on 15 January 2001 at the age of 48. He has Ancestral File Number 5ZKC-W3. At ten months old, we left Salt Lake, so it is only a placefor
vacations, church, dance festivals, and family reunions inmy
memory. Most of my schooling was in San Bernardino. Igraduated
from Redlands High in 1970. I love camping, and since Igot
diabetes when I was thirteen and couldn't go on long camps withthe
Scouts, my mother took Jim and me camping all over the West.
I followed my father in his occupation, but due to medical
problems, I joined the financial world as a loan consultant.
At the tender age of ten, I met the girl of my dreams at a ward
function, but because she was a rotten little thing, I didn't pay
attention to her until she was sixteen. We dated for a couple of
years and Patti Dawn Ross and I were married when we were eighteen
years old.
Four of our five children are teenagers and enjoy sports,
music, drama, Scouting, camping, dating and working. When our
youngest was in school, Patti went back to her chosen training of
being a nurse. She received her RN license in1988.
I have put in over 25 years with the Boy Scouts of America and
get into outdoor living whenever I can.

Living (private).

Stanley Eugene Gallacher and Living had the following children:















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