Fourth Generation

194. Ella Olivia Driggs was born on 26 March 1859 in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah, USA. She died on 21 October 1883 at the age of 24 in Pleasant Grove, , Utah, USA. She was buried on 24 October 1883 in Pl Gr Cem a-09-003-21, Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah.32,33 Ella has Ancestral File Number 2HZ6-74. She has reference number RED 7. Ella was betrothed to William H. King of Fillmore, Utah, a man who late r became one of Utah's brilliant layers, a judge, an orator, and for seve ral terms U.S. Senator. They met at Brigham Young Academy in Provo, Uta h while students, and fell in love. When a brother was born two years af ter her death, her parents named him William King Driggs in honor of Ell a Olivia and the man she was about to marry. Ella Olivia and William S . KING were engaged to be married, she became ill and died and was burie d in her wedding dress. She was sealed toWilliam S. KING.

They obviously had no children.

Ella Olivia Driggs and William H. King were married She died just before marriage. Ella Olivia Driggs was engaged to be married to William King, the promin ent Utah Senator. She died just before her marriage. The family seale d her to him on 5 Nov 1884 in the Logan Temple. William H. King was born on 3 June 1862 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah.28,34 He has Ancestral File Number 9XF3-D2.

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